The life after: Tales of MMOG addict

A former guild leader post his story about leaving his guild that he managed and quitting the game completely. A bittersweet tale of the life of an escapist and addict. I use(d) gaming as an escape inconsistently and know how harsh it can be to become addicted.

The thing that kicked me in the ass more than anything else was I really cared if my guildies were getting what they wanted out of the experience. I truly thought my efforts would make them happy. I wanted to make a difference to them. The greedy and socially phobic high school kid I thought I could help through the game, all of the couples (both married and not) who were falling apart because of the game I thought I could rescue, the girl who was deeply wounded by a guy who left her for the game
but was herself addicted I thought I could save, not to mention a host of others, I thought my efforts were helping.


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