Left 4 Dead Expands with New Content/Achievement from Valve

Valve has announced DLC for the good time that is Left 4 Dead. Included in the package will be the inclusion of the two remaining campaigns for Versus mode as well as new mode dubbed ‘Survival’. Also rumored to be added is an achievement called ‘Outbreak’, which requires players to catch an infection and spread it to another player. Details about availability for Xbox360 and PC to come, though slated for Spring 2009.

Source: Left 4 Dead Mods

Valve's Survival Horror Get's Hearts Pumping with Left 4 Dead

The FPS genre is a cruel beast, prejudiced by stereotypes, solo games where the run-and-gun style got old a decade ago, team games where everyone forgets they are on a team, and plagued by some of the most douchiest douche bagologist within the community (not all, but you know you’ve met plenty of these guys in Halo and CS). Valve on the other hand has a history of enriching the FPS genre with intriguing stories, unique game play additions, puzzles, and thorough play testing and tuning that maximizes fun and balance. This is how Left 4 Dead is a FPS game like no other.

Gameplay: The action is intense with well placed/paced moments of calm that build up anticipation yet simultaneously providing relief. You never really feel safe in the game and often won’t believe how you could have survived the previous encounter despite endeavoring it with your own hand(s).

In this game, it’s all about being a team. All the best things in life are those which you can do with others. Left 4 Dead encompass’ everything a FPS game is, with a team element, and makes the game play revolve around staying and working together, all while increasing each individual’s level of entertainment the more they work with others. The AI is made to overwhelm the individual, and quickly assisting one another makes progress smoother, satisfying, and most importantly, more fun.

Example: Bill get pounced by a hunter zombie, Louis rushes in to melee the beast off, while Francis (and his shotgun) keeps a zerg of zombies from getting any closer, while Zoey bandages Francis’ wounds. Now if Louis decided to not help Bill, and run off and be a one man army, a Smoker zombie could have bound Zoey, trapping her and leaving Francis wounded and probably gonna die soon, while poor Bill is mauled to death.

Everyone keeps everyone else alive. L4D has many events where one player cannot survive and needs another to assist them. Help each other and you live, and get to blow stuff up more. By and by, you can also play as the zombies. That’s right. Even playing as the undead, team work is still integral to succeeding.

Xbox Live match making and setup is a breeze and setting up a multi-player game is as easy as hitting the A button three times. I have yet to try the PC version but with Steam being what it is I will risk assuming it’s just as easy. With the game play being so team play centric, the douche bag factor is nil, most random games I joined were populated with fun and playful gamers such as myself (so I assume they are well attractive too). Maybe I got lucky, but finding mature and fun players on Live is like searching for an unconscious smoke inhalation victim in a burning apartment building.

Oh, I should plug my XBL Gamer Tag here now: honeys dead

If you’re awesome and we have the same games, let’s play! Being cute is a plus. Just kidding…

Oh! Valve jumped on and played their own game with the common folk. The XBL community and myself had the pleasure of kicking zamby arse with Brian Jacobson and Kim Swift. Brian was fun and laughed (nervously?) at our jokes, and made as much effort as he could to join as many game invites as he received, such a bad ass. Kim was quite kind. She endured a plethora of questions regarding game design, even staying later to answer as many as she could. Intelligent + Fun + Artist = Yours Truly raising an eyebrow. Too bad she’s so nice, I’m sucker for bad girls ♥

My thanks goes out to you Devs for your time and art!

Back to it. L4D is all kinds of cool and pays homage to Night of the Living Dead and 28 Days later, combining those two films with Fear, Counter-Strike, and Gears of War. Sound fun? Hell yeah it is. Get it on Steam or for your Xbox360 home video game console.

TLDR: Resident Evil Outbreak wanted to be this amazing survival horror game.