Nintendo Power presents: Zelda II – The Adventures of Link


Sword in butt will cause harm

Goodbye Nintendo Power =(

Amazon recently had its #1 top seller, some Twilight fan fiction porno by the name of 50 Shades of who cares, or something, by a fucking Zelda book! Big ass encyclopedia featuring detailed information, history, art, and in depth discussion about made up shit pertaining to all kinds of Zelda games. That’s the good news.

Here’s the bad news. Print has been dying, and has claimed many a childhoods nostalgic favorite, Nintendo Power Magazine. Now I’m partially responsible since I haven’t bought a magazine in 7 years.

So to commemorate these two unrelated events, I present Nintendo Power’s awesome art for Zelda II (the one no one likes).

So much mullet

The trail was confusing and tedious.

epic link drawing

I’m going to use this image on everything!

Want more if this particular issue (there’s some amazing Wrestlemania art in there)? Head to Brownthatbanana for in depth coverage.

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