Hunter X Hunter speculation

Reading Hunter X Hunter years ago we noticed a pattern in the Zoldyck children’s names.

Each brother’s name ends with the beginning of the another brothers name:

Irumi = Miruki = Kirua

イルミ = ミルキ = キルア

Karuto was missing a link to the pattern.

This was before I knew of Aruka, which fixes the link.

So that means, to fit the pattern, there must be a sixth brother:

Irumi = Miruki = Kirua = Aruka = Karuto = Torui?

イルミ = ミルキ = キルア = アルカ = カルト = トルイ?

I admit to not being up to speed on HxH, so this may already be old news, but I love nerding out on this stuff.

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