PMX presents ‰ë-MIYAVI- event June 11th

An event was also announced for June 11th where cosplayers and crafty artist can present their depictions of ‰ë-MIYAVI-. I really gotta see how those toys turn out…

Press Release:


Miyavi will be at Sugoi Life in Northridge, CA on Friday, June 11,
2010 starting at 5:00 PM. Sugoi Life is hosting the Spirit of Miyavi
Cosplay Contest along with the Miyavi Munny Design Contest. PMX is the
only convention invited to judge this unique contest. What’s the
prize? A chance to meet and greet with MIYAVI himself at a
winners-only part of Sugoi Life. Winners of the Munny Design Contest
will have their Munnys autographed by Miyavi at the meet and greet.
Sugoi Life will also be giving away tickets to Miyavi’s June 12th
concert at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles!

Sugoi Life / Pacific Media Expo MIYAVI Cosplay Contest

64 Years ago

140,000 people (mostly the elderly, women, and children) were killed by one bomb.
I stand on the bridfe, right below where the bomb fell. The missed target, Bakudan dome, remains in ruins in the background,

I stand on the intended target of the bomb, Aioi Bridge. Bakudan dome remains in ruins in the background.

At 08:15 (Hiroshima time) the gravity bomb known as “Little Boy“, a gun-type fission weapon with 60 kilograms (130 lb) of uranium-235, took 57 seconds to fall from the air to the predetermined detonation height about 600 metres (2,000 ft) above the city. Due to crosswind, it missed the aiming point, the Aioi Bridge, by almost 800 feet (240 m) and detonated directly over Shima Surgical Clinic. It created a blast equivalent to about 13 kilotons of TNT. (The U-235 weapon was considered very inefficient, with only 1.38% of its material fissioning.) The radius of total destruction was about one mile (1.6 km), with resulting fires across 4.4 square miles (11 km2). Americans estimated that 4.7 square miles (12 km2) of the city were destroyed. Japanese officials determined that 69% of Hiroshima’s buildings were destroyed and another 6–7% damaged.

Over 90% of the doctors and 93% of the nurses in Hiroshima were killed or injured; most had been in the downtown area which had been greatly damaged.

Although the United States had previously dropped leaflets warning civilians of air raids on twelve other Japanese cities, the residents of Hiroshima were given no notice of the atomic bomb.