Recently I’ve been bouncing between listening to just two albums, -OZ- – Versus and Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz – Kings of Crunk.

l KingsOfCrunk

Imagine if I owned a car O_O

Cheer up Shizuka

AKB48’s ‘å‰ÆŽu’́ (Oya Shizuka) was seen sobbing, when at a fan meet and greet, she received very little attention in comparison to the other 47 girls. She’s famous so she really doesn’t have it as bad as say the girl that has no friends that sits in the back row of class, but it’s still a pretty harsh scenario with all the the pressue the industry places on its idols. I’d offer a hug but I’d probably be charged for it.

Video of the moment here. She breaks down from it all a bit after the 4 min mark. (T_T)

[A.A.A]ŽüŠ§AKB 101105

AKB48’s latest single “Beginner” is currently #2 on Japan’s Billboard 100.

D'espairsRay @ Slim's August 4, 2010

Disclaimer: I was kinda drunk when I typed this and 20mins late, but here are my notes from my mobile in all their erroneous glory!

Despairs aug 4th slims sf
Crowd only five rows deep. JRockRevolution dude fittin outside trying to get comped in.
Shit, I don’t know any thing from after Kamikaze, lol
15 min intermission at the 8:45 mark wtf
Baaaaai! is this korn? 8:59p hella feed back, going with it
Reset hahah. Oh shit again, sorry. Reset x 2
Karyu hella strummin tryin to keep the crowd going, lots of pitch shifting, nice recovery, crowd is hollerin… Nope hey guys. Our computer crashed. Wtf
Here we go, free style Karyu. Oh poor despairs. Zero is mad. Tsukasa is bowed. Karyu is pissed, looping the intro riff.
Comedy. Karyu just walked off. Hizumi is filming the crowd. Zero is misting, arms crossed. Karyu returns. Here we go 9:07p
Track not so bad… they’re playing with hella anger
Forbidden! Fuck yeah!
SIXty‡NINe time!
Hella good slow jam qne it becomes you…
Hizumi: I was inspired by deep deep sea at rest…
Ear hustlein: Nani kore? < Shaggy looking dude with hoe Super short track! More redeemer and after stuff I don't know about MIRROR! Garnet! Curtain down... oh shi- no Murder Freaks, ƒtƒ@ƒVƒYƒ€, žOƒmŒŽ, quarter void... Nooooooooo 950 walk off... Signing. We'llllll fuck. Damn, LA gotta a way better show =/

The Agonist

Whilst driving through Oregon with Dr.Brown, I decide to cruise the local airplay and happened upon a metal station. The song had some killer drumming and the vocals were pretty visceral but not too deathy. The DJ actually named the band after the track, which never really happens when I hear a song on the radio and ask ‘who the fuck is this?’ So I went to Amazon, searched The Agonist and downloaded two of their albums. Kinda an impulsive buy but I’ve been listening to these albums on the daily.

‰ë-MIYAVI- North American 2010 Tour


Baby daddy ‰ë-MIYAVI- is bringing his guitar to North America and rocking on a new tour. Select dates will have events which include meet and greets and all that fare.


-North American Leg-

2010/6/10 San Diego, House of Blues EVENT
2010/6/12 Los Angeles, Club Nokia Live
2010/6/13 Anaheim, The Grove of Anaheim
2010/6/15 San Francisco, The Fillmore EVENT
2010/6/17 Vancouver, Commodore Ballroom EVENT
2010/6/18 Seattle, Showbox
2010/6/19 Portland, Roseland Theater
2010/6/23 Chicago, House of Blues
2010/6 /24 Toronto , Sound Academy
2010/6/25 Boston, Harpers Ferry
2010/6/27 N.Y., The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza
2010/6/29 Washington, 9:30 Club
2010/7/01 Atlanta, Masquerade
2010/7/03 Dallas, House of Blues EVENT
2010/7/04 Houston,House of Blues EVENT

Source: MySpace / Official

69! ƒ€ƒbƒN‚Ì“ú


–ñ‘© 3 variants from yukke's weblog post

Today (in Japan) is ƒ€ƒbƒN‚Ì“ú (MUCC Day)! Released today is their latest single –ñ‘© (yakusoku/promise) which comes in three variants, the standard limited, vanilla, and an anime covered one. Anime version is for ‘MŒõ‚̃iƒCƒgƒŒƒCƒh (Senkou no Night Raid) for which the single is the opening theme for.