Hunter X Hunter speculation

Reading Hunter X Hunter years ago we noticed a pattern in the Zoldyck children’s names.

Each brother’s name ends with the beginning of the another brothers name:

Irumi = Miruki = Kirua

イルミ = ミルキ = キルア

Karuto was missing a link to the pattern.

This was before I knew of Aruka, which fixes the link.

So that means, to fit the pattern, there must be a sixth brother:

Irumi = Miruki = Kirua = Aruka = Karuto = Torui?

イルミ = ミルキ = キルア = アルカ = カルト = トルイ?

I admit to not being up to speed on HxH, so this may already be old news, but I love nerding out on this stuff.

San Francisco audience assassinated in sudden "NINJA ATTACK!" during TokyoScope Talk

Ninja, I see you!

Patrick Macias will be emerging from the dakrness to assault you with his NINJA ATTACK! in Vol.7 of the hit TokyoScope Talk series! Thrill as deadly ninja secrets are revealed a our host walks you through the shadowy and shinobi filled paths of Ninja City!

Now you see them, now you donft!
The ninja – Japanfs famed shadow warriors of legend – are the subject of the next TokyoScope Talk film event, hosted by Patrick Macias.

Produced in association with Matt Alt, co-author of the new book Ninja Attack! True Tales of Assassins, Samurai, and Outlaws (Kodansha International), this presentation will explore the historical and pop culture legacy of the original men (and women!) in black.

Gasp in amazement as rare clips from assorted movies, anime, and TV programs such as gShinobi no Monoh, gRed Maskh, gShogun Assassinh, gDagger of Kamuih, and gAlien vs Ninjah reveal the over-the-top skills, weapons, and deadly techniques of these fearsome martial artists!

*All attendees enter a raffle to win free copies of gNinja Attack!h!

Admission $10



Blue Dragon Reviewed, Manga and Anime coming soon

Mistwalker studios premier title is out! Toriyama Akira’s, Sakaguchi Hironobu’s, and Uematsu Nobuo’s Blue Dragon gets scored by Famitsu. Scoring: 9, 9, 9, 10 (37/40). (source: Kotaku)

No updates on the animation just yet but keep watching
Death Note’s Obata Takeshi is on the series. The manga has been spotted, leaks of the 2007 01 Shonen Jump shown below. (source: Kizuna)
Blue Dragon Announce

Blue Dragon Raru Omega Gurado 02

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Currently Read Manga

So here is a list of manga I’m currently following. I recommend these being as they are not shite, unless noted.


A must read. From the creator of Slam Dunk. This IS manga.

20th Century Boys

Not yet available in the US. It was hard to place this as #2 on my list of recommendations. A character driven thriller that hooks your heart and soul with every page. I get emotional reading this series…it’s just crazed.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Best action manga since Fist of the North Star. Araki’s art style is amazing and his characters just too cool for school. Domestic release starts at a later section in the story which is a minor disappointment.

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Reginald Rhoades in Patrick Macias' OTAKU IN USA


Kingpin and alien hive mind Patrick Macias has created a volume of text for the Japanese reader. Japanese readers who want to know what American otaku are and what the hell they are thinking. There’s a bit about Visual Kei in there as well, and some talk about yours truly discussing the same. If you can read the Nihongos, then by all means buy this book. [Click here to see what it’s all about]


So I’ve been reading a stack of manga titles, I should get around to posting a list here some time with recommendations. I’m also reviewing a few game based titles for a friend who happens to be writing a book on the subject.