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Added some minor perks to the site. Should work pretty sweet now on mobile browsers and added a gallery link at the top and sidebar. Now to actually add /content/ to this forsaken thing…

Pre Hands On


Had a quick hands on with the Pre in store. The sharp edges are freaky, but only when you fondle them, with general use I didn’t really notice them. WebOS is very nice, fast, can’t wait to see how it matures. The size and feel was surprising, like a small stone, though it does feel kinda like a toy with the light plastic. Camera was quite clear. Keys are too small for me personally, though my typing test was successful with very few miss strikes.

Overall not bad, just did not win me over as there are still more devices to feel out this year.

Yawn, Apple WWDC 2009

Apple finally catches up with copy/paste, video, 3m cam, and mms (but ATT drops the ball on actually providing it). No flash. But hey, for the past 2 years ago they didn’t have these standard features so I guess that’s a big plus for them!

3GS, the S stands for speed, as in ‘getting up to’.

Low price point for the old model is a plus, though being shackled to ATT is definitely a deterrent. My desire for consumer to demand a higher stand from the hardware manufactures is trumped by the gouging the carriers are doing.

The life after: Tales of MMOG addict

A former guild leader post his story about leaving his guild that he managed and quitting the game completely. A bittersweet tale of the life of an escapist and addict. I use(d) gaming as an escape inconsistently and know how harsh it can be to become addicted.

The thing that kicked me in the ass more than anything else was I really cared if my guildies were getting what they wanted out of the experience. I truly thought my efforts would make them happy. I wanted to make a difference to them. The greedy and socially phobic high school kid I thought I could help through the game, all of the couples (both married and not) who were falling apart because of the game I thought I could rescue, the girl who was deeply wounded by a guy who left her for the game
but was herself addicted I thought I could save, not to mention a host of others, I thought my efforts were helping.


iTunes 7, avoid if possible

I’ve been using iTunes since vers. 4. I first began using it because I like the browser layout. Then I began enjoying grouping, smart list, decent m4a encoding, and works all right with my iPod. One thing that always made me hate my PMP is the lack of gapless play back. So I rejoiced when iTunes 7 fixed that flaw. Too bad iTunes 7 is a resource hog. Too bad I can’t run apps while it’s running without playback errors and heavy cpu loads. Too bad it crashes on close. Too bad it goes into pause mode when it reaches end of track at the end of a playlist. Way to release a shoddy revision Apple. You fucked up. That’s okay. iTunes 6 is back on my desktop. I’ll stick with that till you guys get your public beta done.